My Cat

I have a cat. Ever since I was a kid I wanted a pedigree cat which I could take to shows and give it the name Lamppost. I don’t really know why. However, from my teens I started becoming allergic to cats, an allergy which vanished again as I approached my forties. At the time we were on holiday in France in the region of Calvados and my youngest befriended a cat at the place we were staying. Arriving back in the UK and realising my allergy had gone we picked up a one or two year old cat from the local cat sanctuary.

I didn’t quite have the nerve to call her Lamppost outright. Quite sad really, I guess you change as you get older. She got the first name of Calvados, but her second name is Lamppost. And to give her some much needed gravitas, some roman numerals at the end. Calvados Lamppost the Third.

She’s a cool cat. She was found with a bunch of kittens. She was in a bad way having defended them against a fox. But she won. And I’ve seen her outside our house facing up to foxes. And winning again.

My cat is not technical.

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