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Losing focus on Windows 7

I came across an irritating issue on my Windows 7 machine. Something would keep tacking focus from me. As I spend a lot of time in a full screen Ubuntu virtual machine under VMWare, this was amazingly annoying but I just couldn’t track it down.

Eventually a suggestion from Simon Bisson that iTunes had a reputation for doing such things put me on the right track. I don’t have iTunes on Windows but I did have the Apple Software Updater and QuickTime installed. I removed both of them and so far the issue has not returned in the last couple of days.

Let’s hope this is not a false dawn.

Python development with virtualenvwrapper, django, buildout and mercurial – a basic example

I have been trying to streamline my python development processes over the years. Earlier this year @rossjones introduced me to virtualenvwrapper which made things even simpler. I’m about to go into quite a concentrated period of development so I thought I’d take the opportunity to document what I do to make an easily reproduceable python environment. Please let me know of any errors or suggestions for better ways of doing this as I go along.

Note, I have just noticed this is not working on OS X Lion. Looking now at why. 20110816 17:28 BST

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